DAVID Systems GmbH

Providing services for content production and distribution solutions for broadcasters


For my semester long voluntary internship, I got the opportunity to Intern as a Product Designer at DAVID Systems GmbH in Munich, Germany from 13 Jan'20 to 20 June’20. The constant support and guidance from the team of exceptionally talented individuals and leaders really helped build an amazing learning environment for me.


DAVID Systems is a leading international supplier of end-to-end content production and distribution solutions for broadcasters, specializing in open, customizable and scalable software for rich media workflows. Our software enables organizations to create content faster and deliver to more channels (e.g. DAB+, Web) by enhancing journalist workflows and automating large parts of the production cycle and at significantly lower cost. More about DAVID


As I was a Product Design Intern, I worked closely with different teams of Product i.e. Product managers, Tech, Marketing and Design. I worked collaboratively with 1 designer inside the team and with other designers from external agency. During my internship, I was a part of the R&D Costumer Experience team and was mentored by Bjorn Lamla. The company work in a scrums and has a really hierarchical work culture like in big companies, where I learnt a lot from expeirenced people and enhanced my overall skills.

UX Design, Visual Design

Jan'20 - June'30
(6 months)

Tools Used:
Adobe XD, Frontify, Adobe Illustrator

User story mapping, Rapid Prototyping, Icon & Logos design


I was assigned with real-time live projects and with that came great responsibility. The working environment was very appreciative and with loose deadlines that helped me contribute efficiently! Here is what I worked on:.

User surveys and interviews

Always start with the user feedbacks, surveys and interviews to create user-centered design system. It was my first time conducting interviews and talking about the pain points on the products.

Embrace Ambiguity

Move forward without knowing all the answers. Don’t wait for permission, always be consciously curious and proceed forward with the best intentions. Keep thinking and pushing new ideas.

Visual Design

I learned about the visual design basics and helped them with icons and logos for their products. I plan to get more experience in it and create some more projcts.

Working in Agile environment

Working in scrums with sprints is a very efficient for the team to make good progress.

Work under Non-Disclosure Agreement

Due to an NDA, I cannot show specific findings and images. I have tried to provide details about my work during internship in slides. To access it, please contact me directly on LinkedIn or email at paarmita1998@gmail.com.