Bitcoin Lightning powered payment service


About the project

Overview: Lastbit is the world's first Lightning powered consumer payments product involving spending, saving and sending Bitcoin.

Timeline: Aug'18 - Aug'20

Team: I was the only designer and worked with the founders and developers in the team.

Role: User research, UI/UX Design, Branding

Tools: Sketch, Invision, Trello, ntask, Marvel

Live Project:


Branding designs

Based on the company idea and the brand image which helps people to understand the meaning, I started to create the logo and a set of branded items that would grow brand awareness. I used Century Gothic for the text in the logo as it gives a modern, clean, and sleek look.

Brand Applications

Having come up with a starting point for the visual brand identity, the combinations of font colors, logo, textures, and most importantly, brand values were presented through the applications such as business cards, standee, pamphlet, investor Deck, t-shirts, etc.

Visual Design

Version 1

After exploring wireframes and inspiration boards, I used Sketch to create visual designs and working prototypes to test my solution with users. I achieved this design. fiddle with the prototype

Version 2

After user testing for a long time, we decided to refine the app, in order to better align with the company and users goals.

So we came up with a minimal platform with clean user interface.

Please take note, this app is in the beta testing phase and core modules of the app are under revision-iteration cycle based on the feedback from the users.